Healing Retreat Holidays

We warmly welcome you to one of our Exclusive Healing Retreats hand selected and personalised exclusively by us. Each of our retreats will be held in Luxury Villas, Cottages and or Spas designed especially with you in mind. These healing escapes are created peacefully to bring you back in alignment with you and your soul purpose. Ensuring you get to make the very most of your essence and power, gain back and maintain self control in a totally immersive experience. This will take you further away from life’s stresses and strains in order to seriously focus on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Regaining the balance in ourselves is the best way to reach a deeper clarity and improve productivity when we return to our daily lives. A healing retreat with a couple of our trained healers and coaches offers a solution to jump starting a lifestyle change, while being surrounded by like-minded people who will support and inspire you every step of the way.

A variety of healing techniques will be offered on different retreats – Mindfulness/Meditation/Manifestation; Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Training, Munay-Ki Rites, Releasing the Pain Body; Angelic Energy Work, Balancing Chakras, Crystal Therapy, Reiki Healing, Reiki Attunements; 5d Activations, Starseed Coaching, Light Code Activations, Soul Alignment, Astrology; Breath Work, Creative Exploration, Yoga, Dance, Sound therapy

If you would like to organise your own private retreat for friends and family then please do get in touch and we can carefully put together a package for you. T&Cs apply

Our retreats will be held at hand selected locations across the world with state of the art facilities, and delicious healthy cuisine, and or private chefs tailored to all your needs.

Take a look below at our 4 carefully selected venues for our Exclusive Healing Retreats. We will be looking to run these in 2022 and 2023. Please register your interest in any of the options below via the ‘Im Interested’ tab and one of our experts will contact you with more information.

Thanks and we cant wait to hear from you!


Sun Villa Escapes

Aphrodite Hills Spa

Pamper & Peace Retreat

Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus

5 Bedrooms, Sleeps 10

7 nights from £1995pp

This stunning private villa is set in large, beautifully maintained gardens and commands stunning views of this world class 5* Spa resort. Its elegant and spacious interior is finished to the highest specifications while the outdoor space has been thoughtfully laid out to make the most of the large private pool, jacuzzi, steam room and alfresco dining area. Here we have the perfect space to unwind and pamper you back to infinite peace. Focusing on a healthy morning ritual with guided meditation, movement and conscious dance. Days spent pampering and rejuvenating in the Spa or sunshine. Evenings bathing under the stars helping you connect to your pure essence and soul wisdom. Bring a new dynamic to your daily routine with conscious movement. Explore nature, romance and greek mythology with a day trip to the famous Baths of Aphrodite. Legends says here is where she met her lover Adonis.

Pamper and relax in the prestigious Spa with your generous gift voucher to use on treatments of your choice.

Waterside Cottage

Manifestation & 5d Alignment

East Sussex, Lamberhurst, England

8 Bedrooms, Sleeps 18

3 nights from £777pp

A meandering drive through thick woodland opens out to reveal this grand Art and Crafts mansion, which features ornate antique chimneys and is surrounded by beautiful lawns. Set on Bewl Water this stunning location is the perfect setting for an empowering 3 day workshop. Focusing on manifestation and balancing your heart and mind so they work together creating a powerful frequency for your intentions. Grounding into the earth grid aligning your energy body enabling you to attain your highest potential. Using visual techniques, sound, movement, meditation, healing and art to help you expand upon and intensify your manifestations.

The open waters of bewl offer a sense of expansion as we discover the power of pure intentions.There is the option for taking boats out on the water and for walks and quiet reflective time. There is power in numbers and we require a minimum of 10 people to fill this retreat.

Love Bali

Couples Retreat

Taman Yasa Estate, Nusa Dua, Bali.

7 Bedrooms, Sleeps 14

10 nights from £5995 per couple

The Made Widjaya-designed setting is stunning – mature gardens splashed with technicolour bougainvillaea and tropical blooms, emerald lawns with meandering paths and whimsical statues, and a huge water-garden of interlinking ponds with banks of lotus, koi fish and fountains. Make this the perfect setting for our Couples Retreat. Journeying together, learning to balance and reconnect with your partner in harmony. For those who wish to explore a holistic and mindful approach to their relationship. Here you will learn techniques and tools to help support one another and communicate with kindness and compassion. Would you like to find different ways to support and help each other as a couple throughout challenging moments in your lives? If the answer is yes then this definitely is the right retreat for you in paradise.

You will be fully catered for during your stay by private chefs and any dietary requirements can be handled just let us know. There will be plenty of free time to spend with one another to explore the Island.

 Hill House

Starseed Ascension Retreat 

nr.Glastonbury, Somerset, England

6 Bedrooms, Sleeps 18

4 nights from £659pp

A magnificent house in a beautiful setting close to Glastonbury. A large garden, funky hot tub in a central courtyard surrounded by en suite rooms and a cosy cinema room.

This retreat is for starseeds who want to connect, with like minded souls and explore what it’s like to create and hold the energies of peace and harmony.

A starseed is an old soul with deep spiritual wisdom, one who sometimes yearns for a sense of belonging. When they are born they often feel lost and alone as the process of incarnation causes us to lose memories and it can take years to come to this understanding. If you feel drawn to the stars and planets then this could be you recognising your journey to fulfil your soul mission on earth.

In this workshop we will hold space so you can explore more deeply your ascension journey anchoring you into the 5d matrix. You will be supported with any emotions and energies that may come up during this retreat.

We will explore the sacred sites in Glastonbury set intentions for ourselves and the collective here on earth.